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Starting my weeklog!

14 Aug 2015 categories: week-ary &nbsp work &nbsp

All right, so, here it goes, this is my first attempt to measure every week what I do during the week. This way, I hope, I can compare with other weeks and see whether the week has been productive or just it’s not just my mind who thinks I’ve been procastinating.

At work I’ve been tackling the differential rotation tool for SunPy which I need so I can start to implement the python version of CorPITA. I started from an old attempt of @Cadair. The function works at the moment for full disk images, but still there are few things to be done, the pull-request in SunPy shows some of these points (Aaahhh!! ephemerides are comming again!). With our summer student at the Lab, Mateo, we have also made some progress with EIS, python and CHIANTI. Mateo has been already 7 weeks with us integrating EIS tools in sunpy and python. Next week will give a talk about all that he has done, which is a lot and it hasn’t been easy.

Also at work this week has been quite succeful for the rest of the people in my office and beyond in respect to open science. On one side I’ve teached some to do testing on their software, and they’ve gotten the grip, on the other I’ve introduced to someone to Firefox, Zotero (and better bibtex), Sublime and clarified a bit the workflow with git.

Outside work, my GSOC student has done quite a lot of progress (I’m very impressed) and helped @Cadair with an application which deadline is NOW! I’ve also managed to get back home in time to go to Tango dance lessons (the Argentinian one!) and started to incubate ideas on what to do with [Sunspotter][sunpotter] data.

Following weeks are going to be a bit crazy, I’ve volunteared myself for quite a few talks/teaching, but it’s going to be fun. Let’s see if I keep writing up on the blog.

Enjoy the weekend! (I may participate in a cycling competition)